At Tala, we see the world differently. We’re driven by a fundamental belief in people, and we work hard to prove their potential. We take risks that others won’t, in order to put more power in our customers’ hands.

Every day, we challenge the limits of a system that has left 3 billion people behind.

We call this way of doing things Radical Trust. We think trust will be the currency that drives a better financial system – one that sees, understands and serves more of the world’s people.


Tala today
Our first product is a consumer lending app that underwrites customers in real time using thousands of alternative data signals. Anyone with an Android smartphone in our markets can apply for a loan and receive an instant decision, regardless of their financial history. We provide fast, personalized loans to approved borrowers and help customers build a digital credit history, or financial identity, over time.

Alternative data opens financial access
Only 31% of the adult population globally is covered by credit bureaus. In markets where bureaus are limited or nonexistent, Tala can use nontraditional data to score up to 2X that population – introducing 3 billion consumers to the global market. The data that we look at includes social connections, texts and calls, merchant transactions, app usage, and personal identifiers. These signals serve as a proxy for traditional financial data, helping us verify identity and assess creditworthiness.

Our Mission

We’re committed to building a world where underserved people everywhere have financial access, choice, and control.

People need access to financial systems, including credit and all the opportunity credit brings. Within those systems, they need choices, so they can do what they want to do, what they need to do, and what they should do with their money. Finally, we want more people everywhere to be in control of their finances, as active participants in their own financial lives — whether they are budgeting, saving, investing, or learning.

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We're a global group of user experience, growth, data science, and technology nerds with a relentless drive to open financial access in emerging markets. We like to move fast with purpose, and we value creativity and experimentation.

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